Autumn colors 

  Hey guys! It’s been a while, believe me, I know! A lot of things have happened and at the same time not enough. So I’m just not gonna go through them all cause it would take a while and I’m sure you have other things to do! I want to start posting more regularly … More Autumn colors 

I made a video.

  Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while, right? So right now, I dont have someone to take pictures of me, and all I’ve been doing honestly for the last few years is watch youtubers, so I think I’m gonna give it a try.. I know, I’m not good at editing.. hopefully this will … More I made a video.

Lace On

Hey everyone! So I went out in the city the other day, to celebrate my friend’s birthday and since I got all dressed up and ready I figured, why not take some more pictures than general, so that I can do a post about it? And that’s exatly what I did. I find this black … More Lace On


Hey guys, I can’t believe how this year is flowing by.. It’s already June, so we’re halfway through 2016. That’s scary to me just saying.. This time I decided that since I don’t upload that much anymore, I should do a spin on one look. Same clothes but you can wear it from early in … More Day2Night


Time sure flies when you’re busy.. I know that! And these past few weeks have been very very busy. I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post… It was the begining of May and probably around the time I got my tickets for Governor’s Ball. I went last Saturday the 4th with … More GovBall2016

May May Be Good

Have a good month everyone! Let’s hope May will be a good month! It was Easter just 2 days ago.. And it was the first time I actually missed Corfu that much, Easter in Corfu is the best thing you can experience, I know everyone is complaining about so many people being there, but I … More May May Be Good