Carry On Must-Haves

This month I had my exams, so I had to travel a lot, from Corfu, the city I live now, my hometown , to Patras the city my University is and where I spent the last 4 years of my life. Being back was fun, although I didn’t really had a chance to actually enjoy it, it was nice being reunited with my friends I hadn’t seen all summer. But the trip was really tiring though because I had to take the bus and let’s just say it’s really not comfortable, especially if someone sits next to you, and leave it to that.

This post is about what to put in your bag, if you’re travelling to make it a little bit more comfortable for yourself:

  • Fully charged phone. Never, ever, ever forget to charge your phone before a trip.
  • Headphones. Whether you want to  listen to music so that you canrelax, think or sleep, or just avoid someone ( it could be the acquaintance you don’t really like or the annoying person next to you), headphones are an essential.
  • Wallet. And a few extra money just in case, you have to be prepared.
  • A book(or kindle if that’s your style). If you’re currently reading a book or just want to start a new one, what better time to do that than when you’re travelling , that you can’t do much else either way? I should also point out that reading doesn’t drain your battery.
  • An antiseptic hand gel. Do I even have to explain why you should get that?
  • Tissues. Because you never know, what might happen.
  • Water. You have to keep hydrated.
  • A snack. What if you get hungry and there’s not a stop for a few more hours?
  • Notebook & pen. At least, that’s an essential for me, but I’m kind of oldschool about this things, but what if you get a good idea? Or if you feel inspired to write something?
  • Jacket. You never know if the A/C is just gonna be on too cold even in the warmest days.. But the good news is you can always take it off if you want.
  • Mirror. You’re gonna want to check yourself after your sleep, won’t you?
  • Sunglasses. I usually arrive at 6 in the morning so in summer time I kinda need them, but in winter not really, but eitherway I wouldn’t suggest putting them in the suitcase eitherway.

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