Fall Lipsticks


I am a lipstick lover, some say addict, but I’m not really into that term. Today I decided to show you some of my favourite fall appropriate lipsticks. Although I’m a big believer that you can wear whatever colour of lipstick you want no matter the season. If you want put on a badass black lipstick in July, I know I wear my purples in summer.. But for the sake of this post, I’m gonna assume the beggining of autumn means darker lips, and those are some of the ones I use all the time. I decided not to include lipliners and or any kind of lip gloss or stain as they can make another post by themselves.

In the order they are shown in the picture above we have: YSL Rouge Pur Couture in N°09 Rose Stiletto, Clinique Moisture Surge Lipstick in Just Gorgeous (I couldn’t find it anywhere, most likely because it’s kind of old), Mac in HeroineMac in Viva Glam I, Mac in Lingering Kiss (which was limited edition, so I can’t find it) and Sephora Rouge longue tenue in N°23 Elegant in brown.


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