Mixing It Up


I’m here with a new post finally. It was about time, right? I’ve been working a lot of hours lately since it’s the festive season and all the stores are open and all the people are out getting gift, so I’ve been tired pretty much all the time. I don’t evem know how the people around me handle me being moody all the time, I’m pretty whiny when I’m on my best so imagine now..

In other news, I chose to wear this outfit because I just recently got this CALZEDONIA leather leggings and I LITERALLY cannot stop wearing them. I love the fit of them , the details in the pockets and also I’ve wanted leather trousers for a while. I paired them with my ZARA white blouse with a few diamond details and I loved how it gave a more feminine touch to the “harsh” leather. Finally I wore my favourite Pull & Bear ankle boots that are so comfy. Oh, and I forgot my go to piece for winter is this leather jacket from a company named Deeluxe but I can’t find anywhere online. But it is my favourite thing during these months and I love all the studs.

And that’s it for my today’s post.



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