50 Things That Make Me Happy.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a great time spent with your loved ones and are ready to welcome the new year. Today I’m going to share a list that I made about a few of the things that make me happy. This post is inspired by a post I read quit a while ago from Ordinary Adventures. I have to make a disclaimer that obviously I forgot a few and some of them are not always gonna make me happy, but here it is.

  1. listening to an amazing new song
  2. listening to an old song I used to love that brings back memories
  3. getting good feedback on something I do
  4. getting under the covers in a cold night
  5. passing an exam/class
  6. feeling a breeze in a hot summer day
  7. getting a gift
  8. making my parents happy
  9. opening a full fridge
  10. watching my dog play at a park
  11. the sound of rain at night
  12. sleeping in in the morning
  13. when my boyfriend lifts me in the air
  14. seeing a rainbow
  15. having food ready when I come home from work
  16. getting paid
  17. taking my heels off after a long night
  18. receiving unexpected little texts from my boyfriend
  19. having serious conversations with my younger brother
  20. when people believe in me
  21. putting a new post up on my blog
  22. finally buying something I’ve wanted for a long time
  23. being impulsive
  24. making lists
  25. crossing off all the things from my lists
  26. feeling inspired
  27. sunbathing
  28. sharing things that I know my mom enjoys with her
  29. when my dad is cooking carbonara
  30. when we have family get togethers with all my aunts/uncles & cousins
  31. whenever I come home and my dog is expecting me at the door
  32. watching a movie with my boyfriend while I lay in his arm
  33. getting a new comment & follow on my blog
  34. people remembering my birthday and nameday
  35. when I see people I love being passionate & happy about something
  36. seeing someone I’ve missed
  37. wake up rested without an alarm
  38. getting better at something I wasn’t really good at in the beggining
  39. when I just choose to be happy in the moment
  40. seeing the Christmas lights lit up
  41. proving someone that doubted me wrong
  42. putting on a nice outfit
  43. guessing something correctly (as random as it sounds)
  44. having deep conversations with my friends
  45. whenever I expect a straight NO and get a YES instead
  46. reading a good quote
  47. eating fruits straight from the tree/ plant
  48. “smelling” a new season
  49. seeing old friends
  50. when we eat with our grandparents

So, that’s it for now, enjoy all the things that make you happy and have a good time.

PS. I’m gonna try to make a new list at around 6 months to see how things have changed.


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