Hello February



Hello February! This is my favourite month of the year, not because of the weather, or the holidays or anything else, it’s just because yesterday (February 1st) was my birthday and I have to admit I have an obsession with my birthday. I woke up yesterday and I couldn’t put off my smile! Everytime someone says Happy Birthday to me I can’t stop smiling, in general I’m the happiest of all year in this day. So, since I have a lot of really important things planned for this month I hope everything goes smoothly and exactly as I imagine it too be. That’s what I wore yesterday in my “party” and I loved it since it was an all velvet dress that my mom bought before I was even born, and it felt so nice wearing it now. And I promise to my self that I will be a lot more consistent in here tooΒ as my birthday resolution. Have a nice February everyone!


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