Catching Up


Hello everyone,

I know I’ve been absent & I know everytime I say the same staff BUT February was a full month for me.. Literally I didn’t get to rest for a minute and whenever I could rest my body my mind was always running around thinking about things I had to do. In a quick catch up I basically travelled twice in Patras to take exams and actually passed my 2 last classes which means I’m done with university and I got my degree. Honestly, unless you’ve already experienced it you can’t even imagine how happy I was when the 2nd class’s grade came out and I had passed. It was one of the happiest days of my life I have to admit.

After I was done with that I had to start packing. And it’s not just packing for another quick trip, I packed 2 suitcases and got my dog his papers to come with me in New York where I am right now. I’m actually writting this post from my brand new bed and he’s right next to me. It’s a hard thing having to pack up for God knows how long and having to say goodbye to pretty much everyone in your current life. So I had to make time to see everyone too. Right now I’m in New York with my dad and it was actually one of my biggest dreams to live here and know it’s real life, so that feels quite surreal.

Anyway, before I came here I stopped in my godparents’ house for a day and I also went to Athens for a couple of days where these pictures were taken. I know it’s not something special, but since we went sightseeing we had to take a few photos and I thought: “What a better way to catch up with everyone?” . So here it is.

I miss Corfu & all of the people in my life that live there, but Thank God for technology. I’m ready for whatever’s going to happen here. Bring it.



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