A Bridal Look

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Hey!! Firstly, let’s have a disclaimer:  No, I’m not getting married any time soon! I’m still pretty young for all this, if you are my age and you are already married or planning to get married that’s alright, good for you, but I personally don’t feel ready at all..

So, now that this is out of the way, Amanda Jayne did my makeup the other day and I felt so beautiful.. She did such a good job! I never had my makeup done before by a professional and it felt really nice! We chose a kind of natural but not really natural look which is exactly what I think is the best bridal look.. Something to enhance all your best features and cover up any spots or discoloration you might have. And I think she did an amazing job!

You can find Amanda Jayne in her website , Facebook & Instagram .

PS. My blue nails could be the “something blue” for the wedding.


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