Boho Casual

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Hello. Have a nice week everyone!! Last week I bought my first fedora hat and I noticed that no matter the outfit the fedora elevated it.. Even if it was just a super casual outfit. I’ve wanted to buy one for a while but I didn’t know when and where I would where it so I kept postponing it. So I put this outfit which is casual but the had made me feel inspired so we took some pictures. My make up was done again by my beloved make up artist Amanda Jayne , my fedora hat is from Forever 21, my jumper is from UNIQ, my loafers are from H&M (similar here) and my high waisted jeans are from Bershka . I can’t remember where my earrings where from but I’ve had them for many years..

PS. I love how in the 2nd picture my dog Rudy is in it.


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