Autumn colors 


Hey guys! It’s been a while, believe me, I know! A lot of things have happened and at the same time not enough. So I’m just not gonna go through them all cause it would take a while and I’m sure you have other things to do! I want to start posting more regularly again and include you more in my life, not just fashion wise but in general. I’ll try my best but at the same time I can’t promise anything… Fall season in New York is beautiful so far. The weather is treating us well(thank you, keep up the good job) and the thing that I love the most is the colours! The colours in the sky and in the leaves on the trees and everything around seems to be right in place. 

Anyway, in this pictures I’m wearing a bershka jumper , A forever21 skirt and Lolashoetique over the knee boots  and I paired it with a Forever21 jacket. My necklaces (which to be honest I never take out are from gregio.

I love how the pink eases up the leather of the skirt and makes it more wearable and I put the suede boots and bag since it is one of the season’s biggest trends. 

I hope you enjoy it. Xx 
Ps. I know in most places around the world they do not celebrate namedays but in Greece we do and it’s my nameday today! So happy nameday to me!! 


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