Slip dress – fall edition

Hey there! What’s everyone been up to? I know I haven’t been doing much because thanksgiving is coming and right after that my brother and cousin are coming over so I’m saving my energy for that and before we realize it’s gonna be Christmas and I feel like time is flying away. Please go a little bit slower… 

But that’s not the whole point of this post. What I wore that day is more interesting! We all know that this summer everyone was obsessed with slip dresses! For a night out, for lunch , for just walking around, literally for everything and paired in so many different ways. There were over the knee boots, and t-shirts worn under them. But I decided to give you the fall/ winter spin of this trend, I paired my Asos turtleneck underneath a red satin vintage slip dress  to break the black and my favorite Black high waisted skinny jeans from H&M with the Forever 21 booties that I can literally not take off my feet these days. 

So, that was it! I love this look and I hope you do too! 



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