Dear Old Self,

I can’t believe it(actually I can), you made it to university. Congratulations! I know you’re excited to start this new chapter in your life, and I remember I was nervous too, but mostly excited. New city, new house, new responsibilities, new friends and new adventures.  Although you have to admit, you got lucky and some of your friends are coming to the same city as you and you’re gonna have a lot of fun together, especially in the beginning… Don’t get me wrong you’re still friends with them but then you’re gonna meet more people and hang out with people you never thought you would and that you will bond immediately without having to try at all. You’re gonna make great friendships that last and some not that great (I can’t tell you much about that because I’m gonna ruin the sequence of time and then I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me) that won’t last and it will hurt you, but it will shape you as a person and at the end it’s for the best, believe me. If you need a word of advice in the friendship matter you and I both know that we suck in keeping in touch, so pleeeeeeeease try harder for both of us to not lose the ones you already have.

And on the topic of keeping in touch, stay close to your family, I know you’re already closer than you think you want, but when you are back in Corfu and you are with them actually spend quality time with them, don’t just sit there.

Remember all those people that always told you that your years on university are the best years? I don’t know what’s coming and I’m always positive that the best are yet to come. But they are kind of right. Just enjoy yourself as much as you can, don’t look forward to the end of it and take each day as it comes.. Hangout at your friends’ houses, sleepover, go out for coffee (all day, everyday) and for long walks, go out for beers and dancing. Whenever you get a chance to travel, DO IT. Just LIVE IT with all you’ve got.

But you know me, and you know I’m annoying like that, I know I just advised you to “yolo your life” (I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing, but you get what I mean.. or maybe yolo is not a thing yet?! I don’t remember)  however, go to university a lot and study. I know it sucks getting up in the morning, I get it. I still hate it. Then again, it’s education, and it’s free! You’re lucky enough to get that. So use it, educate yourself as much as you can, by studying on your own and going to classes. Do you know how much money people have to spend on that? People  are in debt after college and that’s a fact. You get this opportunity, seize it.

To end this, I just want to let you know that you’re gonna have some amazing times and some hard times too. Things are not always gonna go as you planned them and I know how you like to plan, but sometimes it’s for the best.. Some of those times you see it and others it takes longer to, but eventually you do (I’m still waiting on some things to workout myself) .

Oh, I’m not sure if I should tell you that, but you get a boyfriend and you love him, and he loves you, and he gets you (most of the time), and he stands by you. And sometimes it’s hard with him too, but when you are together it’s mostly good and that makes it worth it. I’m not gonna spoil anything else for you.

Have a great time, I know you will.

Your just a little older self.


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