Lace On

Hey everyone! So I went out in the city the other day, to celebrate my friend’s birthday and since I got all dressed up and ready I figured, why not take some more pictures than general, so that I can do a post about it? And that’s exatly what I did. I find this black … More Lace On


Hey! I haven’t put a post of my favourite beauty products in a while. So I thought, why not update you? I haven’t really bought too many beauty products while I’m here because everytime I go into a Sephora, I get overwhelmed and want to buy everything so instead I leave with nothing. Pretty weird … More Faves

A Bridal Look

Hey!! Firstly, let’s have a disclaimer: ¬†No, I’m not getting married any time soon! I’m still pretty young for all this, if you are my age and you are already married or planning to get married that’s alright, good for you, but I personally don’t feel ready at all.. So, now that this is out … More A Bridal Look

Fall Lipsticks

I am a lipstick lover, some say addict, but I’m not really into that term. Today I decided to show you some of my favourite fall appropriate lipsticks. Although I’m a big believer that you can wear whatever colour of lipstick you want no matter the season. If you want put on a badass black … More Fall Lipsticks