Gingham pants

Hey everyone! How have you been doing? How is summer treating you so far? Are you dark and bronze or stuck in an office and pale? As you can see I'm closer to the second .. lol So the other day my Pretty Little Thing gingham pants came on my front door and I was … More Gingham pants

Memorial Day

Hey everyone! Happy June and happy summer !! I cannot wait for the weather to get better! Whenever the sun is out, I’m filled up with vitamin D and I’m motivated and I want to do stuff and everything feels better. So it’s finally that time of the year again! Last week, was memorial day … More Memorial Day

Printed Pants.

   Hey ! Is it summer yet where you are reading this from? Because here it’s not.. I guess when the time comes it’s gonna go straight to summer. But it’s ok, it’s just around the corner! Is everyone excited for that? You have plans and trips to take? Already thinking about your vacation outfits? … More Printed Pants.

I made a video.

  Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while, right? So right now, I dont have someone to take pictures of me, and all I’ve been doing honestly for the last few years is watch youtubers, so I think I’m gonna give it a try.. I know, I’m not good at editing.. hopefully this will … More I made a video.

Lace On

Hey everyone! So I went out in the city the other day, to celebrate my friend’s birthday and since I got all dressed up and ready I figured, why not take some more pictures than general, so that I can do a post about it? And that’s exatly what I did. I find this black … More Lace On


Hey guys, I can’t believe how this year is flowing by.. It’s already June, so we’re halfway through 2016. That’s scary to me just saying.. This time I decided that since I don’t upload that much anymore, I should do a spin on one look. Same clothes but you can wear it from early in … More Day2Night